It was a charming little abode but due to a slight mishap one night she discovered something quite appalling!

A lady's decision to oblige a dominant Manager's workplace ethics and responsibilities encounter a nightmare on an eerie Friday night resulting in a permanent decision to eschew.

21 Millionaires anonymously disguised as being destitute come up with wonderful plans to help and end homelessness. An Interesting yet, heartfelt story!

He fell madly in love with an alluring fashion model but little did he know she was terribly damaged by her past...

These kids! Will they ever learn! How often do they have to hit that stone wall of disobedience?

A man's preferable obsession of color defined preeminence when his Nubian beauty mirrors a very heartfelt repercussion...

Plagued by the dirty corruption of military government and the deceit that ruined his life...

God created all people! He does not see color but has only One Love! Not Hatred! Therefore, "No Shade is Better Than the Other"!

A beautiful and immaculate Inn is controlled and haunted by a wicked and hostile sinister.

She had brains, beauty but when the truth surfaced...Aw wow! Not You!

A compilation of six intriguing short stories

A pauperized 13-year-old had to settle with the hand she was dealt.

Something gruesome transpired within...OMG! It all took place on the graveyard shift!

The thrills, the bling and other material things overwhelmed her until she was shocked by a egregious monster.

She was beautiful with a skittish demeanor but what spooked her that cold winter night all alone.

'It's not the drug that makes a Drug Addict, it's the need to escape the Reality!'

Age is just a number and being naughty was her weakness! **For Mature Readers Only**